The 2017 RBOT Bike Rally is Saturday, Sept 16th!


Second Annual RBOT Bike Rally Anouncement:  The 2017 RBOT Bike Rally will be held on  Saturday, Sept 16th.    CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS   The 2017 RBOT Bike Rally is Saturday, Sept 16th! Don’t miss out on our second annual Tennessee Recumbent Rally that is being sponsored by Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee! Once again the event will be held in the beautiful city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee! The date will be Saturday, September 16, 2017. Murfreesboro is well known for its beautiful Greenways and historical past. This event will include the following: Guided tours start at 7:00 am and will be leaving as the groups of ten fill up. The last group or groups will leave approximately by 10:00 am. This year all riders will be riding from the location of Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee. Catered meal from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm Live DJ music from 5:00 pm until 8:00pm T-shirts for all registered participants As a new addition this year…

The Truth About First Recumbent Rally in Murfreesboro: Awesome!


My thoughts after the inaugural Tennessee #Recumbent Rally:  I hope there’s a 2nd Annual Rally! Getting Acquainted. It was a hot 91º day in #Murfreesboro, TN for the inaugural Tennessee Recumbent Rally. Guided bike tours of the Murfreesboro #Greenway and Civil War Battlefield were scheduled at 7:30 am, 9:30 am and 11:30 am; Laura and I decided the night before to join the 9:30 AM tour. We arrived at Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee (RBOT) about 9 AM and were promptly signed in; name tags placed in lanyards and T-shirts awaiting our arrival.   A ticket, placed behind our name tags, was to be used in a drawing for door prizes scheduled later in the day.  I politely listened to the instructions about the drawing, but a lifetime of experience reminded me that I would not be winning a prize.  I don’t win drawings. With a few minutes to kill before our tour started, I decided to stroll through the recumbent bicycle…

Gained Full Confidence in a Recumbent Trike’s Stability

Mud as a Road Hazard

She chose a #delta #trike for a reason; the trike design provides excellent stability.  Her riding experiences support that assertion.  “Adapt or Perish……” In 2003, my wife Laura took a spill on her two-wheel bike.  She had noticed her ability to #ride was not as keen as it had been.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) manifested itself with a classic symptom: impaired balance.  Having a diagnosis of MS can change things.   Adaptations can be required meet MS’s narcissistic impositions. To give up riding a bike was an adaptation that Laura did not want to make; she discovered she did not have to!  One definition of adapt is to: become adjusted to new conditions.  Look at the following synonyms for this definition of adapt. adjust to acclimatize oneself to acclimate to accommodate oneself to attune to conform to habituate oneself to become habituated to get used to reconcile oneself to come to terms with acculturate to assimilate to blend in to fit in to    …

Do You Want to Know What Really Sucks: Leg Suck!!


It could happen to anyone.   It happened to my riding buddy David.  It happened to my wife!   Rack up two more victims of the dreaded “leg suck. “ What in the world is “leg suck?” That’s a good question actually.  Not to be confused with toe suck,  leg suck is a funny sounding name for a not so funny event.  Leg suck (or foot suck as it is sometimes called) happens when you are riding your #recumbent trike and your foot comes off of the pedal.  Your foot can then hit the pavement and get “sucked” under the #trike─ a real drag for the owner of the foot! A Wickipedia article on #recumbent bicycles includes the following description of leg suck: A type of injury characteristic of recumbents called “leg suck” occurs when a foot touches the ground and the bike runs forward over the contact point, causing ligament damage and, in some cases, ankle fractures. Curated from Recumbent bicycle…

Why a Recumbent Trike May Be For You!

Delta Recumbent Trike

My wife chose a #recumbent trike because of balance issues due to her Multiple Sclerosis.  I chose a #recumbent #trike because I enjoyed the comfort that I found on my first ride.