Gained Full Confidence in a Recumbent Trike’s Stability

Mud as a Road Hazard

She chose a #delta #trike for a reason; the trike design provides excellent stability.  Her riding experiences support that assertion.  “Adapt or Perish……” In 2003, my wife Laura took a spill on her two-wheel bike.  She had noticed her ability to #ride was not as keen as it had been.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) manifested itself with a classic symptom: impaired balance.  Having a diagnosis of MS can change things.   Adaptations can be required meet MS’s narcissistic impositions. To give up riding a bike was an adaptation that Laura did not want to make; she discovered she did not have to!  One definition of adapt is to: become adjusted to new conditions.  Look at the following synonyms for this definition of adapt. adjust to acclimatize oneself to acclimate to accommodate oneself to attune to conform to habituate oneself to become habituated to get used to reconcile oneself to come to terms with acculturate to assimilate to blend in to fit in to    …

I Challenge You to ride this Greenway Now!: Smyrna Greenway

Sharps Spring Natural Area

With nearly 6 miles of flat to moderately sloped paved surface the Smyrna #Greenway is perfect for our needs.  The greenway has a no shortage of things to see.  The paved path winds it way around sections of Percy Priest Lake, along the river, some urban areas, around an airport, points of historical interest, and ball fields. A Midsummer’s Ride Today we have decided to enter the greenway at the Espey Trailhead.  We pull into the parking lot of the Sharps Springs Natural Area of off Jefferson Pike and easily find a parking place.   The trail is easily accessed from the parking lot which has two trail access points.  Well maintained  bathrooms are conveniently located between these access points. We feel like seasoned veterans as we unload our #recumbent trikes from my Ford Ranger.  We perform our pre-ride checklist:  hats, sunglasses, bottled water, bike tool kit, spare inner tube, snacks,  camera, glucose tablets , and cell phone.  We remind each other…

Why a Recumbent Trike May Be For You!

Delta Recumbent Trike

My wife chose a #recumbent trike because of balance issues due to her Multiple Sclerosis.  I chose a #recumbent #trike because I enjoyed the comfort that I found on my first ride.  

As Simple As Ringing a Bell?

Bike Bell

Overtaking or passing a pedestrian on a shared path can have its challenges. What is the best way to execute this? I have compiled these sites as a resource to get the questions, answers, thoughts, and opinions of several cyclists.

Better health is what happens when you cycle!

Sign of the bike lane

You know you need to get exercise, but does going to the gym cause a sense of dread?  Have you found going to the gym to be inconvenient and quite boring?  What if you found a way to get your exercise and smile too?  I found them both #cycling on my #recumbent trike! Benefits of Physical Activity First off I would like to say that before starting an exercise routine you should consult your physician.  I am not a doctor and while I can comment in general terms, your doctor should be  the one to advise you in regard to your specific health needs.  Your physician will be able to address any special needs or concerns that you might have. We all know that physical activity is beneficial.  As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can help: Control your weight Reduce…