It's Actually Going To Happen!!

Surprisingly, it is Actually Going to Happen!!

He said yes!! He actually agreed to come to the bike shop with me. I had expected, and planned, to ride and exercise solo.

We all need exercise

I guess I should thank his elevated A1c reading, but I will take what I can get. This is likely my last hope for riding a bike of any kind. My balance is shot, thanks to MS. So, two-wheeled bikes are out, especially after the spill I took in the parking lot of my apartment complex, everyone knows landing on pavement hurts! That was over 10 years ago in 2003. Since then my main form of exercise was water aerobics, which also helped with staying cool while exercising, but my job situation changed and now the water aerobics is no longer an option. Back to square one. I NEED to find a way to exercise. I NEED to keep my body as healthy as possible and my flexibility as good as possible. Now, none of us have a guarantee regarding health, accidents, and/or disease. But, I do have the deck stacked against me (to a point) with the diagnosis of MS; therefore, it behooves me to remain as healthy and I can.

Trip to the bike shop

I am as excited as a kid whose parents said, “Let’s go get ice cream!” when he suggests we go to the bike shop.  Now, my husband never meets a stranger and I just know he and Dennis will click. Dennis is as gracious as he was when I him met the first time. He had the same excitement, charisma, and passion. We take a few of the bikes outside to try out in the parking lot, and, hallelujah,  I nearly did a backflip when I first see that big smile on my feller’s face!! I know what that means….he likes it!! We try a few different styles, classic, , , and determine that we both like the delta.

Quick sidebar:Tadpole Trike

  • Classic: Looks like the classic that I had as a child with two wheels in back and one in front and the handlebars in front of you. (My much-loved childhood tricycle was yellow that blended into orange. It was lost when I left it behind the car in the driveway.) This trike has the ability to turn in a very tight circle. It has smaller diameter wheels and is mainly a cruiser.
  • Tadpole: Has the two side-by-side wheels in the front and you sit between them. The third wheel is in the back and the pedals stick out the front further than the wheels.The handlebars are like joysticks on either side of you (your arms are by your sides). Handles like a Corvette, very touchy steering because it’s the two front wheels that steer. It’s shorter and more compact.
  • Delta: Combination of the other two. Two wheels in the back and one in the front. But, the handle bars are on either side of you, which allows your arms to hang naturally from your shoulders. The front wheel is the one that does the steering. This model is longer and has a higher weight limit than the other two.


Someone get me a chair

I nearly faint when my feller looks at me and says, “I like this one, which do you like?” I had planned on just getting the cheaper model. But if I get a choice, I like the delta. My near-faint continues when he tells Dennis to “give us a quote on two.” It’s going to happen!! It’s really going to happen!!! Dennis, bless him, gives us options available as add-ons, makes sure we understand the total price, agrees upon a delivery date, and we shake hands. My feller asks if he sells bike helmets also, but Dennis says, “No, I have never had any of my clients wreck one of these in all the years I have been selling.”


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