Just Don’t Sit There! Ride your recumbent trike!

My wife had set up a follow-up appointment for the next Saturday with our local bike dealer.  Her decision to purchase was made and she was going to select her new .  

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My wife had come home from the initial appointment excited about the recumbent that were available and the opportunities there were to in our area. Curious to find out what it was exactly that my better half  was about to spend money on, I wanted more information.  I studied the paperwork she had brought home and visited the websites that  had been suggested to her.  These bikes were different than what I was expecting.   I was starting to see what her excitement was based on.  

One of the first things that got my attention was the style of the seats.  The traditional bike seat had been an issue for me in the past and I had not forgotten it.  The seats on these recumbent  trikes however were much wider and provided some cushion.  Not to mention the fact that there was a back to these seats and the seat backs actually provided some lumbar support.  The lay-back type seating position as opposed to the bent over position on other bikes appealed to me as well.  I dealt with a lot of shoulder and neck strain which was exacerbated by the bent over riding style.  Nice!

Another thing that quickly got my attention was that these trikes were geared as opposed to single speed.  Most of the recumbent trikes had a very wide gear range.  I already knew the importance of being able to change gear ratios as we live in a very hilly area.  This would also allow higher speeds in the upper gear ranges.  Another “nice” was in order.

Finally, there was the availability of greenways in our area.  The recumbent trikes were a perfect fit for the paved bike and we had several of them in our area.  Very nice indeed!  So far I had been able to manage three “nices”  in various forms just from the reading material.  I think it’s time to see one in person.

I never cease to completely shock my wife.

I would deliver a couple of shocks to my wife on this day.  It started with me asking if she would like me to go with her to the appointment as she picked out her bike.  To say she was happy may be an understatement.  I had not yet revealed to her my growing interest and downright excitement about trying one of these bikes and it came as a surprise to her that I wanted to go.

We drove over to the bike shop where we met the shop’s owner Dennis.  Let me say that Dennis’ salesmanship is nothing short of incredible.  He was very welcoming to us both and invited us back to the area where he had the different models on display.  He didn’t waste anytime getting us to take a test ride. In my case, I would be test riding the Sun EZ-3 USX HD trike.

One of the first things I learned was that I was relegated to one specific model of those available for sale at this shop.  Most of the bikes were rated for a maximum weight of 250 pounds.  Let’s just say that I exceeded that amount.  Luckily they make trikes for people that are heavier than 250 pounds and the EZ-3 is one of these.  Dennis wheeled the EZ-3 out into the parking lot and with some riding instructions told me to give it a test ride.   I rode in wide circles in the parking lot.  Dennis called some audibles from the sideline to help me become more comfortable on the trike.  I ran it through some gear changes, tried some rather quick stops to get a feel for the brakes, and was advised to lean into the curves to prevent tipping.  What can I say?  It was great!!  It was every bit as comfortable as I had hoped.  The seat was great.  The support of the seat back and the slightly reclined position were extremely comfortable.  The EZ-3 is an understeer so my hands were in a very comfortable position.  I was in!!

My wife was not in the limited position that I was in.  She could ride any of the bikes she wanted.  She tried the Tri-Classic, a , and the EZ-3.  She decided she liked the EZ-3 as well. She liked the understeer on the EZ-3 and preferred the steering over the tadpole.  She had felt the tadpole was more “touchy” than the EZ-3.  

I shocked my wife again when I asked Dennis if I could get a quote on two of the EZ-3 recumbent trikes!  Not surprisingly, he was more than happy to prepare a quote for me.  We added some extras we thought we would like.  These included a rear mounted wire mesh basket, rear view mirror, and a water bottle holder.  Dennis went over the quote with us to make sure we were happy with our selections and pricing.  Everything was agreeable, we shook hands, and he gave us our pick up date.  It would be a few days before all of the items were in stock and installed.  Now all I had to do was wait but it’s hard to wait when you are excited.  I was tired of sitting around.  My excitement was high!! I was ready to ride my trike!!


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