Cedar City Trail - Lebanon, TN

I Challenge You to Enjoy this Awesome Greenway Now!!

I had not been aware that there were so many opportunities to ride in our area.  The discovery of the greenways has opened up a lot of great riding opportunity.


Until I started researching for a trike purchase, I did not understand much about the greenways.  I mean, I was cognizant of the fact that there were these areas referred to as greenways.  Most of what I had heard about the greenways had been negative comments on local radio talk shows.   The usual diatribe about how they cost money, it’s a conspiracy,  and they are ruining people’s lives.

Once I had settled on a recumbent and found a local bike shop I really “discovered” the greenways.  The purveyor of trikes, Dennis, had a wealth of information on riding opportunities in our area.  It turns out that he had been utilizing the greenways for some time.  He provided my wife and me with stories, maps, links, and the uniquely Dennis fly over.  By fly over I mean he put us in a flight simulator and “flew” us over our house and showed us the greenways in the area by a bird’s view.   He gave us an incredible tour of the greenways along with experienced commentary.  It was awesome!!

By Definition.

I looked for a definition for .  I didn’t feel that the dictionary definition of greenway was comprehensive enough so I researched a little more and found the following:

A comprehensive set of definitions on greenways was provided by Charles Little,  author of the book Greenways for America.  In his book ‘Greenway’ is defined as:

1. A linear open space established along either a natural corridor, such
as a riverfront, stream valley, or ridgeline, or overland along a
railroad right-of-way converted to recreational use, a canal, scenic
road, or other route.
2. Any natural or landscaped course for pedestrian or bicycle passage.
3. An open-space connector linking parks, nature reserves, cultural
features, or historic sites with each other and with populated areas.
4. Locally, certain strip or linear parks designated as parkway or
(Little 1990)

In his book  Greenways: the Beginning of an International Movement,  Jack Ahern proposed the following definition:

Greenways are networks of land that are planned, designed and managed for multiple purposes including ecological, recreational, cultural, aesthetic, or other purposes compatible with the concept of sustainable land use. (Ahern 1996)

I would like to cite Jack Ahern’s work for the above definitions at Greenways in the USA: theory,trends and prospects

But What Does it Mean?

The definition of a greenway is comprehensive.  In the context of this blog, I am referring to the trails that can be used to ride your bikes on.  My wife and I use the paved trails at the greenways we have been to.  All of these are shared paths in that they have walkers, runners, and cyclists.

There are a few rules of conduct and etiquette that are common sense.  The following list of rules is straight from one of our local greenways:


  • ƒKeep to the right; pass to the left. Don’t block the trail: when in groups, do not
    use more than half the trail, and form a single line to allow passing.
  • ƒ Faster traffic should yield to slower and oncoming traffic. Yield when entering or crossing trails.
  • Keep pets on a leash; please clean up after your pet.
  • Launch watercraft in designated areas.
  • Cyclists and In-Line Skaters have special responsibilities:
  • Children under 16 must wear helmets.
  • Ride on paved trail only.
  • Keep speed moderate and maintain control.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Give audible signal when passing. (I have written about this on another post!)


  • Enjoy but do not disturb plants, animals, and structures.
  • Put litter in its proper place.
  •  Stay on designated trails.


  • Enjoy the Greenway with a friend – use the buddy system.
  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • The trail is subject to flash flooding: Exit the Greenway immediately during
    periods of heavy rain. Also exit during an electrical storm.
  • When on the Greenway around dusk or dawn or periods of inclement weather, be equipped with proper lights or reflective clothing.


  • Alcohol and drug
  • Motorized Vehicles, horses, & skateboard
  • Advertising or vending on city property without prior written approval

Curated from Rules of the Murfreesboro Greenway System

What’s Next?

Research your local area and get out on one of the greenway paths!!  I would love to hear from people who are using their local greenways.  If there is anyone in Middle Tennessee who would like to fill me in on one our greenways feel free to contact me.

I am going to attach this video of my wife and me riding at in , .  We usually access the trail at Don Fox Community Park.  I challenge you to enjoy this awesome greenway now!


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