Why a Recumbent Trike May Be For You!

Delta Recumbent Trike

My wife chose a #recumbent trike because of balance issues due to her Multiple Sclerosis.  I chose a #recumbent #trike because I enjoyed the comfort that I found on my first ride.  

Chart of Calories Burned During One Hour of Cycling

Calories Burned Per Hour of Cycling

Calories configured using resources found at: http://www.bicycling.com/training/weight-loss/cycling-calories-burned-calculator

Riding a recumbent trike will make you irresistibly cool!

being cool

Being cool is possessing knowledge of one’s self, being comfortable with that knowledge, and confident about who you are.  Looking cool hinges on self awareness and self confidence. It’s personal People buy and #ride adult #trikes for a myriad of reasons.  An individual’s decision to ride a #recumbent trike should be for their own reasons. Your knowledge of self makes you best aware of your physical abilities and riding needs.  After all, it’s your butt in the seat and your physical exertion required to propel the #trike.   I have read a lot of generalizations when it comes to recumbent trikes.  To me this can be  misleading as there are different styles of trikes. Generalizations would not be appropriate for upright bikes.  We know that there are road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, or cruiser bikes to name a few.  What may be true of one style may not be true of another. Trikes comes in styles such as #tadpole,…

Better health is what happens when you cycle!

Sign of the bike lane

You know you need to get exercise, but does going to the gym cause a sense of dread?  Have you found going to the gym to be inconvenient and quite boring?  What if you found a way to get your exercise and smile too?  I found them both #cycling on my #recumbent trike! Benefits of Physical Activity First off I would like to say that before starting an exercise routine you should consult your physician.  I am not a doctor and while I can comment in general terms, your doctor should be  the one to advise you in regard to your specific health needs.  Your physician will be able to address any special needs or concerns that you might have. We all know that physical activity is beneficial.  As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can help: Control your weight Reduce…

Fall in Love With a Recumbent Trike

Rain Must Fall

#Excitement had led to our purchase of two recumbent trikes. Now waiting for them to be delivered I felt not unlike a kid waiting for Christmas Day. Waiting with excitement. My wife’s interest in and excitement for a #recumbent trike had rubbed off on me. Actually, I would describe it more like something contagious that I had caught. We sealed the deal with our local bike monger on a Saturday and would not be able to pick up our trikes until Wednesday. Now, I will agree that waiting four days for something is not very long, but I was ready to get started on this new adventure. I truly looked at it as an adventure. In test riding I had found the recumbent #trike to be extremely comfortable. I had spent some time researching the various greenway systems in our area and discovered a whole world I didn’t know existed. I also discovered that there were greenway systems all over…